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Toxicity by aditya777

Critique by ~TheBoyIAm
"The idea of the picture seems interesting, but I don't like the way it is painted. It should be more clear up.
I think that if you had spend some extra hours working on that painting it could become pretty awesome, it just need more specific details which will make it looks more real, more perfect."

-> "It should be more clear up."
-> "it just need more specific details which will make it looks more real, more perfect."

DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT ever listen to critiques/suggestion like this.

As far style goes, it's the matter of taste. He might not like it, I LOVE IT. It's like you would be using palette knife (i don't have an idea how you achieve that with Photoshop).
It doesn't need to be "more clean up". It is more than obvious what it present.
You don't need to "spend some extra hours" and it doesn't need "more specific details". Painting is finished when artist feels like he don't want to overdone it. Pictures with brush and pallete knife strokes have tons more filings than overfinished photo-realistic paintings where you don't know if it's painting or photography.

However, everything is the matter of taste. Some people don't see painting finished if there is no "details". And they usually like paintings with tons of details even if painting doesn't have feelings, story, good composition, color contrast,..

No one can tell you what you should do and how. Your art is great, just because you do it in your way.
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VXYXV Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
No offense to you but this critique was a total ass-pat. Critiques are meant to improve the artist but all you did was shower them in compliments with no information to help them broaden their artistic ability.

Please next time you think about writing a critique, make sure you have information to help improve their ability-- not enlarge their ego. That's what the comment section is for.

I agree with the above statement though, what that guy said was definitely not constructive criticism. People need to understand that opinions aren't always helpful.
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